Your Wellness Journey Begins with Herban Goods

Take back your whole-body and mental health wellness. Your traditional and holistic care journey with Herban Goods is one you can trust. Being healthy is being uniquely, confidently, and resiliently you – giving you the power to thrive beautifully.

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Complete Virtual Telecare

The one-of-a-kind Herban Goods Telecare platform was developed by top-rated doctors to ensure it meets the true needs of patients. It’s unique combination of cloud-based practitioner-to-consumer Telehealth consultations and Telemedicine prescriptions, combined with personalized recommendations for holistic self-care products, or specific nutrition or fitness regimens – it’s about what’s best for you now and in the future.

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Non-Toxic Self-Care Product Collections

We believe that when plant-based ingredients are exceptionally made they produce better results. Herban Goods’ Collections are seed-to-shelf manufactured, high-quality, highly efficacious, non-toxic, sustainable, and completely transparent products for your daily regimen and throughout the home.

The Herban Goods Difference

One all-in-one health and wellness solution from the comfort of your home.

Advanced Virtual Technology

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More than just Telehealth and Telemedicine, we provide Telecare – complete, whole-body and mind, virtual wellness for the entire home.

Top-Rated Practitioners

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Our traditional and alternative Practitioner-to-Consumer Virtual Consultations are the best in the business. All are highly vetted and considered experts in their fields of medicine.

Personal Client Portal

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Your very own profile and patient portal are created upon first consultation for complete wellness management including electronic medical records, appointments, prescriptions, supplements, and more.


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Our practitioners evaluate the big picture. It’s not just about fixing an ailment with a prescription (although we do that too), it’s about thorough data analysis of what’s best for you, now and for the future.

Diet, Nutrition & Fitness Integrations

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Herban Goods’ unique wellness platform also includes dietary information and nutrition scheduling alongside recommended physical fitness regimens and third-party app integrations.

Complete Product

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Herban Goods has it’s very own seed-to-shelf product collections that span throughout personal and home care goods. The labels are crystal clear and all ingredients are non-toxic.

Herban Good’s Self-Care Product Collections

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Self-Care Collection

This collection is focused on self-care wellness through holistic, scientifically-backed natural remedies that help alleviate the most common ailments.

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Nutrition & Wellness Collection

This collection is focused on ingestible wellness to fuel an everyday lifestyle through nutrient-dense superfoods and organically grown, proven effective adaptogen ingredients.

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Beauty & Personal Care Collection

This collection is focused on personal product wellness through non-toxic, evidence-backed, highly efficacious skincare, cosmetics, and oral hygiene for the entire home.

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“I am beyond excited to build a community and force where women thrive so they can uplift their families and communities.”

– Lindsay

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